Unchained Imagination offers an array of publishing services. As purveyors of fine authors, we are proud and excited to serve you and the entire community of independent authors. We hope you will decide to publish with us.

Why Unchained Imagination?

We’ve been where you are. Publishing is hard! There’s a steep learning curve and the need to actually hire people to help you complete the very solitary task of becoming an author.

It’s probably new territory for you. We completely understand. Choose us because we’re here to help you straighten that curve.

You hand up your manuscript and we hand you the title of “Published Author” in return.

There are a lot of publishing companies out there. What makes us different is that we are for authors because we are authors. Our staff consists of mostly published authors just like you.

We have a soft spot for the self-publishing and indie author community.

Publish With Us – How It Works?

It’s simple, reach out to us via our contact form. Everything starts with a line of communication. So, your first step to shoot us an email via our contact form and let us know you’re interested in utilizing our expertise to become a published author.

We’ll be waiting for your message and reply shortly.

Once that line of communication is open, we can then begin talking about your book and what you expect from getting published. If everything aligns, then we can talk about working together to make that happen.

Publishing a book is a huge, exciting thing and we are so excited you’re here and that you’ve chosen us to share the journey with you.

Congratulations, Author!